Teacher gifts.

Handmade teacher gift ideas.

Teachers work hard and deserve the thank you at the end of the year and Christmas. My boys are good boys but they are no angels, they are children after all and a little thank you goes a long way.

It’s the summer and the count down to the holidays has started at least in my house the first count was 5 weeks and 4 days, I believe when the term started up again. My eldest is not the biggest fan of school and he can’t wait for the 6 week holidays to begin.

There are 2 occasions where I give my boys teachers gifts; Christmas and the end of the year. I have to get my thinking cap on each year as it can get a bit expensive altogether it is 5 teacher gifts and cards. The past year or so I have brought things in bulk and made things. I have found that it’s much easier and not much on the pocket.

Cards, you can buy thank-you or just plain cards with no message in packs of 3 or more for may be a £1 depends where you shop. I also like to make cards. A pack of plain stock cards is cheap £3 for a pack of 10 or more again depends on where you shop, I think The Works is a great shop for card making and crafts.

Here is an idea for this years cards.

Chalkboard thank you cards.

It doesn’t matter that the chalkboard is out of date in the class room it is still going to be the image of a school and apart of being a teacher. These cards are simple to make all you need are plain cards, chalkboard paint and tape.

Chalkboard cards for a personal message.

To do.

Tape around the edges, paint inside the square and leave to dry. One coat should be enough and once dry you can write on it with chalk. Or better yet, get the children to write their own message.

The Gift.

My theme for this year was relaxing. So I went with what will be relaxing. A candle, Bath salts and shower melts. And there you have a mini spa bag.

Even the bags, small gift bags can mount up to a bit so here is an idea staying with the recyclable, reusable theme of the blog and saving money how about using paper lunch bags turned into a pretty gift bag with stamps or glitter.

Chalk paint candles.

At family meets world you will find that we reuse, recycle and help the planet and humans any way we can so I found these wine glasses for 25p each at the local charity shop. You can find amazing things sometimes in these shops for a lot less than other shops and you are helping a charity so win win on lots of counts. Click here to find out how to make Ylang-ylang chalk paint candles. The good thing about these are you can write any message you want. And they are super easy to make.

Bath salts.

Pinterest is fantastic and the idea and recipe for these is from there I just put them in an glass jar with a ribbon and label. These are simple to make and smell lovely. Rose and lavender bath salts; in a bowl mix Himalayan salts, Epson salts, dried rose petals and lavender buds and add rose and lavender essential oils. Easy, put in jars add a label and any finishing touches you like and you have a nice gift. To use you just add to warm bath water and relax.

Shower melts.

My idea for this was what if they didn’t have a bath how will they use the bath salts and if they can’t then they just have the candle and I didn’t want that so I found a shower melt recipe the same place I found the bath salts. Pinterest full of information. The bath salts I did for relaxing, the shower melts for a more energy upligting sort of feel. With peppermint and rosemary essential oils. Click here to see how to make shower melts.

The good thing about buying ingrediants and making things your self is that you always have ingreatients left over to make some for yourself and as gifts for birthdays and Christmas for friends and family. Just mix them up a bit use a different fragrance or design. A bag of soya wax can make as many candles as you need depending on the size of the containers. There are lots of uses for chalkboard paint just have fun and see what you can come up with and don’t forget to let us know about your creative projects .

Have fun making.