Shaving foam pictures

An activity that will save the afternoon.

If you want to entertain the kids for a bit then I have the perfect activity; shaving foam pictures. Then sensory play which basically equals messy time and who doesn’t like to get messy every now and again.

This activity is super simple and pretty to.

What you need.

  • Paper, (think stock paper is best or watercolour paper)
  • paint, (we used kids paint, or food colouring)
  • shaving foam,
  • trays,
  • sticks (lolly pop sticks work fine),
  • ruler or piece of cardboard.

What to do.

Evenly spread the shaving foam in the tray then add the paint we just did dots but you can make a mini pic if you want.

If you did dots then using the stick mess the colours about a bit.

Then lay the paper over the top press down a little (gently) then lift off.

Using a ruler or cardboard scrape off the shaving foam you can think of it like giving the paper a shave.

And there you have it let it dry and you can do what ever you want with the nice paper. Make a picture, a card even a book mark.

But the fun doesn’t end there once completely finished let little hands have a play, as a sensory play time see what colour comes out, hide little objects within the foam and let them find them.

Trust me it even keeps older ones busy if you have younger children they will not want to stop messing, beware.

Have lots of creative fun.