The big plan.

How to help the world.

The world is important and some times I don’t think that we realise it. It’s easy to take things for granted, more so the things that we don’t even think about but is there all the time like; the very air that we breath, the food that we eat and the clean water that comes out of our taps. We have lights on are ceilings and electric that powers entertainment systems that keep us busy for hours. Do you know how any of that works? I know I don’t, do you even think about it? I know I don’t but I’m starting to.

Have you noticed all the news reports and protests going on about the environment and climate change lately. Well I’m taking note and I may go a bit slow but I’m going to learn how one house hold can make a bit of a difference to make a big change for the long run.

Why I’m starting to think about it now? Because there is a cost to are lifestyle – the damage to are home; Earth. Are children are 8 and 10, young yet but at a good age to learn and take on new habits that will take them into adulthood and I plan these habits to be good ones and ones that can benefit their own children. Yes, I plan on them having children, but I also plan on them having clean air to breath, and trees and animals in abundance. A sea that they can splash in, fields that they can play in, woods and forest that they can explore.

So what is the big plan? Here on family meets world we are going to look at the way are family lives down to the items we buy, to how we get rid of waste. I will be going room to room looking at what is in each, how we use it and clean it. Hopefully we will discover how we can do thing differently to help improve the environment in the house and spread it outward. At the core I want to work with nature, learn from it, respect it and grow with it.

Family meets world invites you to join us on are eco adventure and see what you can change and learn to help the earth and the future generations.

Love, hope you come and join us on are journey and share your own.

Love the Earth

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