What to do on Halloween.

Halloween has a few names All Hallows Eve, Samhain, devils night, Festival of the Dead. People have celebrated the night 31st October for a very long time and it will not be going away any time soon. Lets face it Halloween is spooky fun.

What is Halloween all about?

I have been told that I have a traditional belief of Halloween. I dont trick or treat never have and I wouldn’t let my kids go either, that I think was ‘made up by the candy companies’ (Yes, that is a film quote hope you know it) Dressing up in scary outfits and having a party now that is a good Halloween, watching scary movies and having treats is another favourite thing to do. Watch out for my post on best films to watch with and without the little monsters.

Halloween traditions are old having apples, pumkins and other foods because haloween was the last havest before the winter. When we say bye to the warm weather and long days and welcome the change that is winter; shorter days and long nights, the cold and the snow but its not all bad we get to have good food and be cosy around a fire with hot chocolate or in my case coffee. But it’s also a time for remembering are pasted loved ones.

Halloween and October is a lovely time of year the colours are going from green to reds and oranges, the stars are bright and there are lots of fun things that we can do. The kids are off for October half term so I know I need lots of ideas to keep them out of trouble.

With Halloween I think ghosts, monsters, vampires, bats, witches potions, skulls, and skeleton, spiders, faires, wizards, pumpkins, apples, what makes you think of Halloween?

What to do?

Activities for Halloween are numerous how about making pumpkin lanterns there are lots of scary and fun ideas that will make your house look spooky and it’s fun and messy to do so little hands will like it. Dress up make masks out if paper plates cut mouth and eye holes and decorate how scary you want. Host a Halloween party I like parties and family ones even more so get together and enjoy. Get outside in the wild and collect items that you can use to decorate the house like leaves and twigs.


Don’t need to have a party to have fun with your food over Halloween make Chocolate apples these are simple and lots of different toppings can be used to decorate them. Save a few lolly sticks put them in some apples and dip in melted chocolate and then add the topping of your choice and let set. Then enjoy. Treacle toffee I like treacle toffee and you can make them into a lolly. Click to Make Treacle toffee here.

Cut sandwiches using cookie cutters shapes make biscuits using different cookie shapes. make cupcake and use food colouring to make them a little gruesome to eat like slime green and purple and bright blood red. Bread stick ghost and mummies using icing and sugar eyes. the possibilities are endless for ideas and recipes look on Pinterest and food sites like BBC and supermarket websites.


What colours make Halloween? Black, white, orange, yellow green slime you might think of more keep it in mind when decorating your house what fits in with what you have can you spook it up a little? Add spiders to flowers, black roses in vases a spooky picture over the top of an other in the hall or on a mirror. Can bats be hanging from light shades or the ceiling, a paper skeleton on the door.

Make a wreath this one was made from a paper plate, wool and card added a black lace bow and it’s cheap easy wreath. Make a tin can tea light. Using tin cans paint them into monsters and play the monster tin can game with a bean bag see how many you can knock down.

Collect sticks from the garden or local park and make broomsticks and add a ribbon and hang them from the wall.

Spider candles with spice apple/orange or pumpkin scents to add a fall atmosphere to the house and create a cosy lighting with candles and lanterns. Cut out eyes in toilet rolls and add glow sticks inside to have glowing eyes looking at you in a dark room.

Make use of your empty toilet rolls and make toilet roll monsters.

scary toilet roll monsters

My boys had fun making these with me and if you cut out the centre of some paper plates you have made a monster ring toss game. Simple Party game to entertain the kids this Halloween. The paper plate centres don’t go to waste either you can make them into decorations witches hats just paint black or ghosts draw or add googly eyes. They can be used as name cards if you are having a formal dinner party and if you need another game make up a game of hide the hat or ghost, see how many they can find or just hide the one.

Make simple paper banners, Pinterest has lots of ideas and pintables. Use wine bottles and jars as candle holders and lanterns with LED lights inside add sticks to the jar with LED lights and flying bats or spiders to add a creepy vibe.

Bat wine bottle.

witch jar.

Make clay ornaments pumkins and dried flowers these will go lovely together and family time making clay Halloween ornaments is fun.

Have a bar or drink area where people can get a drink or how about a potion lab have ingredients set out and a menu on the wall of cocktail mixes with funny names and add food colouring to get that witchy or mad science vibe.

Let us know what your doing for Halloween and if you tried any of the ideas in this post let us know how it went.

Hope this post got your juices flowing for a spooky time.

Have spooky fun.