What do now Christmas is over?

My house is cleared after a family fun filled festive very merry Christmas but what to do with all. The left over items are making a mess as much as my kids did on Christmas morning. The idea is to stop and think about the items that are going in the bin. I don’t want to just throw everything away thinking it’s all just waste when it can be turned into something else so I have a few ideas not only to make next Christmas a little easier but to cut down on waste.


Tree decorations – are you someone that changes their colour theme every year and gets new decorations each Christmas if that’s what you do then fair enough but don’t throw them in the bin, recycle if possible, take them to the charity shop or upcycle them.

Broken baubles, if the top has come off then reattach with festive ribbon or make a garland with adding ribbon or string. Remake them in a clear bauble with fake snow or old tinsel. If you have old tinsel use them in a baubles or other decorations, wraths or vases you can even them put in nice dishes as a table centre piece.

What about the tree? Do you have a real one or a plastic one? I have a plastic one and so I plan to use it for many years till it is falling apart. I’m sure charity shops would take them if not in a bad condition or see if your local schools, nursing homes and play schools are in need of a tree. Real Trees check locally to see what waste disposal plans they have need you.

Wrapping and Tags.

Tags- recycle or reuse if haven’t been written on, make into other tags or cards they can even be used in scarp book projects and kids art pictures.

Cards – to make things easy next year write out your Christmas card list using the names on the cards you have been send this year. These then can be recycled and reused into tags just cut out and make a hole and add ribbon or coloured string. Make your own homemade cards with them. Some of the very special ones keep and use to decorate with next year. You can use them to decorate home made crackers with.

Cards make beautiful tags.

You can even make a Christmas planner using the old cards as the front and dividers.

Next years Christmas planner.
Next years home made cards made from this years cards and wrapping paper.

Ribbon from gifts or cards can be used again to make cards or in your own gift giving next year use them to decorate tags with. Use to decorate jars or you can make these nice paper clips or card holders with them simple and easy to do.

Wrapping paper, some can be recycled and some can’t check which ones can go in the recycled bin. Aim next year to use just recyclable paper or even simpler buy brown parcel paper. But if you have some nice wrapping paper use it to make cards and tags. Another idea is to cut the paper into strips to make a paper chain.

Might need to add to this.

If in good condition gift bags can be reused next year in your own gift giving. If not I believe they can be recycled just take off the handles. When thinking about gift bags next year try to find ones that are recyclable like brown lunch bags or try other options of wrapping gifts like cloth: they will stand one from all the rest that’s for sure.

House decorations.

Put away paper napkins for next year or for another occasion paper table cloths can be used again when doing messy activities aim to use cloths napkins and table cloths next year. Ones that can be washed and used time and time again.

Wine bottles and jars can be recycled and repurposed use them as candle holders decorate with ribbon. Put small L. E. D lights in them for mood lights, remake into snow globes and jars can be used as glasses when outside.

Use your imagination see what you can come up with but i’m asking you to think before just throwing items away. Boxes of biscuits or chocolate can be used for storage and even made nice for gift giving. Boxes that have come from deliveries can be used again to send packages or for storage around the house or shed or garage. Let us know what you come up with and if you try any of the ideas on this post send a picture. Have fun.

Here is love for the new year and happy planning for the festive season.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash